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While most people instantly conjure up mental images of Mount Everest, there are a diverse number of mountains to climb all over the world. Mountain climbing has the potential to combine a requirement for technical climbing skills with physical fitness and mental fortitude, but a day spent summiting a Colorado fourteener can be just as rewarding.

Rock Climbing

Rock climbing is a great outdoor activity, especially since the growing number of rock climbing gyms give many people an easy way to improve their technique and meet new climbing friends when living too far from the crag. There is challenge and fun at every level, a great sense of community, and travel opportunities around the world.

Ice Climbing

Imagine climbing up that beautiful waterfall that you just visited when it freezes over this winter. While some may thing of ice climbing as just one of of the necessary skills to summit a mountain, those in the know realize that it can be a challenge worth pursuing all on its own. A favorite activity from the Northeastern United States to the Alps.

Backcountry Skiing

It’s doesn’t matter if you are just trying to escape the crowds or the boarders, moving your skiing out of bounds is a great way to enjoy pristine views while hearing the powder crunch beneath your planks. It honestly doesn’t matter to us how you get there, but we do think there’s something to be said for earning the pow by strapping on some skins.

Backcountry Boarding

Backcountry snowboarding is becoming more popular and accessible due to advances in split-board technology, giving snowboarders access to backcountry never thought possible. While your ski-wearing friends might get a jump on you headed up the hill, we all know who will have more fun on the way down.


No matter if you want to call it trekking or backpacking, traveling by foot with a pack on your back can be a wonderful, and challenging, way to see spectacular scenery. Overnight treks like Cabo Forward in Chile or the Annapurna Circuit in Nepal can take you far away from civilization while even day hikes in Peru’s Sacred Valley can be rewarding.

A Few of The Guides


Bhakti is the owner of Big Sky Treks and Expeditions in Nepal, where he leads both treks and ascents. Bhakti enjoys guiding all experience levels.


Ruth is the owner of RedPoint Patagonia. Dutch by birth, she now calls Chile home, and she enjoys taking clients on unique treks and climbs in southern Patagonia.

ChalexEcquador and Peru

Chalex is the owner of Andexplora and resides in Huaraz, Peru. He leads mountaineering and climbing trips both in both Peru and his native Ecuador.

PereChile, France, Bolivia, and Peru

Pere is a certified IFMGA/IVBV guide who leads mountain climbing, rock and ice climbing, ski touring and expeditions in Patagonia, Bolivia, Peru and the European Alps.

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How it Works

We save you time and money finding and booking an outdoor guide on your next trip.