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Welcome Guides

Hello and thanks for your interest in an account with AllTheGuides. Our goal is to help you find more clients and manage your expeditions.

We are building what we hope is a unique platform for connections guides and clients.

We hope to bridge the gap between set itineraries and custom adventure travel. We will do this by allowing guides to offer set itineraries while allowing for clients to easily request customized alterations to those itineraries, or propose something completely different from the start. We hope to build a collaborative platform that allows guides to accept clients when they need them, while providing the clients an easy way to hire a different guide if necessary.

We expect the next version of our platform to go live in May 2019, and ahead of that we are offering guides the ability to reserve their username. Your username will provide a unique URL for your profile, like: www.alltheguides.com/guides/username.

Reserving a username helps us offset the final development costs and supports our marketing efforts. In exchange for your early commitment, you will get a discount on the price of a your first year membership and receive custom account setup assistance, as well s be provided an opportunity to assist in fusing what new features we develop for you and other guides.

Reserving a username is $10 USD. Without pre-reserving a handle, an annual membership will be $49. If you reserve your handle, your first year will be $29 (including the username reservation fee).

If you want to get started, just fill out the form below. In addition to reserving a handle, we will also include your information on our current landing page. We don't spam or sell your information. If you have more questions, check out the Frequently Asked Questions below the form, and if you don't see an answer to your question there, shoot us an email at guide@alltheguides.com.

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Frequently Asked Questiosn

Do I have to be certified?

We hold the the IFMGA and UIMLA in the highest regard. To be a member guide on our platform we are currently requiring certifications from one of the organizations associated with either the IFMGA or UIMLA, and the activities offered by you on the platform must not violate your current qualifications. The only exception to this will be granted to the American Hiking Guide Association, which qualifies hiking/backpacking guides for non-technical terrain. We may vet other guiding certifications or specific fusing agencies in the future, and we welcome input regarding this topic.

What if you don't launch?

We are confident that we are on a path to launch our platform by the end of April 2019. If we assess that, for some unforeseen reason, we will not move forward with the project in a timely manner, we will refund your payment.

How are you different from other tourism sites?

We started this platform because of our experience as clients. We experienced firsthand the difficulty of finding and booking a guide for a custom trip. During conversations with our guides, we also realized the difficulties faced by guides to find and manage clients.

To solve these problems we are proposing a centralized platform for clients to book guides. What sets this model apart will be the ability for guides to share the ability to find clients. Booking requests that a guide is unable to fulfill will automatically be distributed to other guides who may be available and qualified. Our platform will allow clients to request fully customized itineraries or request a modification to a guide's pre-built itinerary.

Can I get a refund?

Yes, we will refund username reservations up until the next version of the platform. We are finalizing our refund policy for annual memberships, but rest assured there will be one.

Why are you charging a membership fee? What other fees and commissions do you plan on charging?

We want member guides committed to finding work on the platform. We think asking for a small fee up front will ensure our registered guides are keen to recoup their membership by actively participating on the platform. Guides will never pay a commission fee. Similar to Airbnb, member clients will be charged a service fee for their booking. The only fees that you will need to pay, beyond a membership fee, are the costs associated with credit card processing and transferring funds to your account. We estimate that amount to be roughly 3% of the transaction cost.